Tim Durfey – Executive Chef

Tim has been with Iron Gate Catering since he was sixteen as a dishwasher. When he became a prep cook, he learned that he had a natural talent for cooking and really enjoys it. Through the years Tim learned more and more about cooking and in 2012, he became the head chef and manager of the kitchen. He has a lot of pride in the work that he does for Iron Gate Catering and loves knowing that he is a valuable and appreciated member of the team. He has a strong love for culinary arts and is always looking for ways to become a better chef. Every day is different, with different challenges to face, rewards, and outcomes.

His favorite time to work for Iron Gate Catering is during the summer. He loves grilling for on site events, especially when they are outdoors. He also enjoys four-wheeling, camping, swimming, and hiking with his wife Nyssa and new baby daughter.